Saturday, November 8, 2008

Long day....

Had a very long day... Everything went well, alhamdulillah... At least ppl get to knw a bit abt scrapbooking... And I must say the bookmarks, candles & notebooks were quite a hit among the kids :) I had fun... Great 1st time experience for me... I'll definitely join again next time if given any opportunity... And thanks to mama for helping me today esp with carrying all the stuffs... Took her car there so penuh satu kereta ahaha Even now the stuffs still in the car, tomorrow la will unload the stuffs

p/s: Hani, tq for dropping by ;)


Asmahani said...

Nad, nice meeting u too. It was a pleasure seeing people aprreciating the craft. I am glad u enjoyed the day, even though it was damn hot under the fan-less canopy. Jangan serik tau!

naddy said...

hani: yup it was fun despite the hot-ness ehehe nxt time ada lagi buzz me k :)

cant't wait 2 see ur creations ;)